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You’ve been trying to ignore it, but the last time you came home from work, it was just too loud to ignore. You know exactly what we’re talking about, don’t you? That nasty, hair-raising screech that let’s you know something is very wrong with your garage door. Like all of us, you’ve got bills to pay and lots of other things you’d rather spend your leisure money on, but garage door repairs shouldn’t be ignore. So, you’ve been watching some YouTube videos and are thinking about doing the repairs yourself. Before you do, there are a few things to consider, not the least of which is your own safety.


Even though they may seem simple, garage doors are actually quite dangerous to repair. There are springs and cords under high tension, and all it takes is one wrong move to set of a chain reaction that could result in serious cuts, broken bones, or –as mom would say– “putting an eye out.” All homeowners carry homeowner’s insurance (hopefully) but none of us ever really want to have a reason to use it. However, if you and a buddy are trying to fix your garage door and something goes wrong, you could be left footing the bill for his injury.


Repairs are bad enough the first time, but if you choose to DIY a fix for your garage door opener or broken spring, it might not be fixed properly. This not only leaves you at risk for future repairs, but could also cause the garage door to malfunction suddenly, injuring a family member or causing damage to your car.


It’s hard for aspiring DIY-ers to admit, but the risk of self-repairing a garage door could be permanent damage to the system, the opener, or potential even the garage itself!

Why risk it? Play it safe and contact United Garage Doors for all your garage door repairs!