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April 2020

Are Key Fobs Safer than Conventional Lock-and-key Systems?

By | Business Locksmith, Car Locksmith, Las Vegas

A key fob is a little security device that is usually paired with another device or lock. It is programmed with built-in authentication or specific codes that only open the locks that it is paired with. Key fobs provide a more advanced level of security than conventional lock-and-key setups. This is because the locks cannot be opened in the traditional way without activating an alarm system.
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3 Reasons Why You May Need to Rekey Your Home or Business

By | Business Locksmith, Las Vegas

What does rekeying really mean and why would someone need to rekey their home or business place? When locksmiths are rekeying a lock, they are actually removing the pins and springs in the lock cylinder. Then, they replace them with new ones. Your ‘new lock’ will, therefore, need a new set of keys. It may seem like a task or hassle to get your house or business place rekeyed. But here are 3 great reasons when you should do so.
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