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Have you ever seen a small device with buttons attached to someone’s keyring? Most likely it is a key fob. This object hangs on car keys as decoration, while others are used as a security remote control to lock and unlock vehicles. Key fobs also come in handy as remote car starters, computer systems, and keyless entry devices. So why should you consider getting a key fob? Here are four benefits below.

Increased Security

Have you ever been in a position where you are nearing home or work and realize that you have misplaced your keys to unlock the door? If the key is found by someone else, they could have easy access to your belongings. But if you have a key fob that gets lost, you can program the system to deny entry using the unique ID number assigned to it.

Keyless Entry

Keyless entry continues to be a popular technology used for apartments and rooms in hotels. It gives you access to specialized areas in hospitals, libraries, and government buildings. You can also use it to start an engine and open the trunk of your vehicle from a distance.

Record Keeping

The fob can be programmed to record data to give the owner easy access. Buildings that use keyless entry can keep track of all visitors, employees, and homeowners. Records are kept on the date and time they access the building. This technology replaces the need for an employee to manually record visitors’ names in a logbook.

Customizable FOBs

Sodas, snacks and other vending machines are usually located in public areas and can be easy access to burglars. By using key fobs in vending machines, there is no visible lock to the front. This system tends to discourage persons from stealing. Other fobs can be customized for businesses like a laboratory, coffee house or supermarket.

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