Broken Key Extraction For Your Car

Most of us would have faced the dreadful situation of having left our key broken inside our car or house wondering how to get in. It is so much worse when you actually have the key right with you, but just as you insert it into the keyhole and give it a turn, you hear a crack and a snap. You pull away from your hand and what’s left of your key is now stuck in the door. That’s unfortunate. While you can put this right by cleverly using a few tools that you can access quickly, it makes far more sense to get in touch with a locksmith in Las Vegas. We are professionals and have the necessary equipment, qualification, and the experience to deal with such situations. We will be far more efficient and quicker than you trying to deal with this yourself. 24/7 SuperTech Locksmith offers excellent service regarding any lock and key or other issues that you might be facing.

Do not commit the mistake of inserting what’s left of your key into the lock again under the assumption that the broken half that’s already in will help turn it in. It won’t. All you are doing is pushing it further in. Remember not to throw away the half piece that you have in your hand. Once the locksmith arrives and retrieves the other half, you can hand in both the halves to your locksmith who can make you a new key. We are a small business located in Las Vegas. We are the first choice among our customers because we make every one of our clients a priority.

In case you’re wondering how our locksmiths would be able to efficiently take up this task, we usually use a broken key extractor tool. This is a tool commonly used by all the professionals. While it takes a few attempts to pull the key out, it also depends on how far in the key actually is. The best part about using our services is that we are available 24 /7. You can get in touch with us at any time and we’ll make sure that we attend to the emergency call as soon as possible. All of our locksmiths in our employ are experienced and are well trained to perform the job in an exceptional manner. Now you know who you can rely on the next time you have issues with your lock and key for your automobile or home,


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24/7 SuperTech Services is a small owner-operated business located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We specialize in mobile locksmith services. Our owner is a seasoned locksmith with years of service experience to offer.

Like our name suggests – we are open 24/7 to help you out in any emergency. Our technicians are on standby so that you can quickly be on your way. Our goal is to make each customer a repeat customer!

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