If your car door lock gets stuck, the first thing you should do is find out why. Since every situation has different solutions, knowing exactly what problem you are facing will help you fix it. We, at 24/7 Supertech Locksmith, have identified two common causes for a stuck car door lock. And luckily for you, we also have solutions to get you back on track!

Your Connections Are Broken

The most common reason why people face this problem is because of broken connections. This can be an external or internal connection to the car door latch. When the handle, lock cylinder or interior locking post/switch is not properly connected, the lock can get stuck.

Solution: Repair the broken connection. You can open the door and troubleshoot the lock assembly. It is wiser to replace the parts than to mend the broken pieces back together in the long run.

Decay or Deterioration

Your lock can be covered with grime or it may just be rusty. There can be a build-up of dirt in the lock assembly. You can also have broken pieces of the door fall and jam the interior assembly. These can cause your car door lock to jam.

Solution: Check the keyway. If your key cannot be inserted into the keyhole, then this indicates a blockage. You will need to open the door and move the assembly, lubricate it and move it again. As you continue to lubricate and move the assembly, if you find anything other than grime or rust, then remove the relevant blockage.

Fixing the problem yourself is possible with these scenarios but it’s always best to have a professional assess your situation. At 24/7 SuperTech, our trained locksmiths will provide the best solution for your vehicle. Give us a call or message us today.

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