A locksmith is a professional who specializes in installing and repairing locks on all sorts of doors including homes, cars, and buildings. Locksmiths can install or repair any locks but also duplicate your keys, change the combination on your door lock if necessary, and install or fix your security devices.

How do locksmith open doors?

A skilled locksmith can open any kind of lock whether it’s an automotive, residential or commercial lock. They use their skills and specialized tools to gain access to any door. There are two ways a locksmith can gain entry to a door: destructive and non-destructive.

What does this mean?

If possible, a locksmith will use the tools available to open the lock without causing any damage to the lock or the door. They use several tools and methods to achieve this such as picking the lock using hand picks, decoding the lock, and many other ways depending on the situation. All professional locksmiths are trained in these non-destructive methods of opening the door.

If there is absolutely no other way to open the door, a locksmith will resort to the destructive method of opening the door which may cause some damage to the door lock. This implies forcefully opening the door in the absence of other methods.

The destructive method is only used when all the other non-destructive approaches fail. However, this happens very rarely as it can usually be avoided.

Services Locksmith Provide

Locksmiths can assist you with your access control issues, providing locks for security safes, cutting keys, providing/installing/replacing door and window locks, fix car locks, etc. Locksmiths also provide emergency services to help people locked out of their homes, cars, or experiencing another locksmith emergency.

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