A key fob is a little security device that is usually paired with another device or lock. It is programmed with built-in authentication or specific codes that only open the locks that it is paired with. Key fobs provide a more advanced level of security than conventional lock-and-key setups. This is because the locks cannot be opened in the traditional way without activating an alarm system.

Key fobs are very easy to attach to key rings and will not give access unless used accurately. Most times this may mean pressing the side of the fob against the keypad or pressing a button on the fob that sends a transmission to the control panel. However, the fob must be within a few feet of the panel in order to gain access as the transmission or signal is not very strong.

On the other hand, with a conventional lock-and-key system, your safety can be compromised. If someone has your key or obtains special tools to pick the lock, they can easily get into your property.

The final verdict?

Based on this information, key fobs appear to be the safer choice. Many home and business owners are moving away from conventional locking systems. They are choosing keyless systems for their added security. Wouldn’t you love the convenience of keyless entry to your property? With just a touch of a button, you could be inside of your property in no time. You wouldn’t have to stick a key into a lock again.

While key fobs have their downsides, the advantages far outweigh them. Think about the convenience and safety features that you can depend on for a very long time.

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