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Gone are the days of metal car keys. Most recent cars are designed with push-button technology that makes it easy to control the car with the aid of a key fob. While these key fobs make things easier and adds a bit of style to our life, replacing them can be a difficult task. First of all, finding the right locksmith can be hectic, and there is the issue of finding the right replacement.

There are different types of car key fobs, the ones with remote for push-to-start and locking/unlocking the door, and the ones that are equipped with an keyless entry feature that can be hidden in the pocket at all times.

The cost of replacing a key fob depends mostly on the nature of the design. You can spend as low as $50 and more than $500 depending on the type of system in question.

Since your key fob is designed to interact with the electronic system if your car, it’s best to always get the right replacement. Mix-matching a car key system can cause more harm than good and is usually not advisable. It’s best to spend extra on the real deal than save a few bucks and end up with the wrong setup.

How Locksmiths Program Key fobs

The first step is to get all the replacement parts. This includes the remote, which could either be from the factory or a generic one to be reprogrammed by the locksmith. He/she will also need to seek out the necessary keys needed to get this started. In most cases, they will have to cut the key themselves to ensure there is a perfect match. The locksmith also needs to know about the vehicle’s programming procedure. This is important if you want the best results.

The programming method will depend on the model of your car, but for the process to take place, a vehicle and an unprogrammed fob are required to get things started.

When looking to get a replacement key fob, we suggest that you search for a locksmith that has knowledge of working on your type of vehicle. It could be a bad idea to go with any locksmith, and at the end of the day, you’ll still have to go in search of an expert. So why not just save yourself the stress and get it right the first time. Contact SuperTech Locksmith now!

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