What does rekeying really mean and why would someone need to rekey their home or business place? When locksmiths are rekeying a lock, they are actually removing the pins and springs in the lock cylinder. Then, they replace them with new ones. Your ‘new lock’ will, therefore, need a new set of keys. It may seem like a task or hassle to get your house or business place rekeyed. But here are 3 great reasons when you should do so.

If you or any keyholder loses the keys

In this case, you are unaware of who may have gotten possession of your keys and what they may have done with them. So even if they are found later or returned, for security reasons you need to rekey your property.

If an employee quits or is fired

If an employee is leaving and may have returned the keys, you do not know if they made copies. Also, if an employee is fired they may be malicious and can use the key or copies they made to commit criminal activities to your residence or business place.

After a divorce or end of a common-law relationship

It doesn’t matter if the relationship ended well. If you are the one staying in the property, consider changing your locks. Rekeying them will help you secure your possessions. It will give you peace of mind since your privacy will not be compromised.

To prevent unauthorized persons from having access to your property, change your locks. Initially, you may not realize the difference between the old set of keys and the new set, but trust us, they are. Once you are thinking about improving security at your property, contact us at SuperTech for all your locksmith needs. Our qualified technicians are available 24/7 because we know an unfortunate situation can be unpredictable. Contact us.

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