This is a common question among tenants and landlords alike. Functional doors and locks are essential for your security. They protect all the tenants from intruders and thieves. Hence, the locks should be properly maintained and replaced when necessary.

But what if you got locked out of your building or apartment one day and need to call the locksmith. Rekeying the locks can be costly. So who pays for the service?

Generally, it is the landlord’s duty to maintain all the locks functional. The tenant and the landlord sign a rental agreement before a tenant moves in. This agreement should specify who pays for what. However, many rental agreements aren’t that specific which leaves both the tenants and the landlords confused.

The locksmith fee is the landlord’s responsibility in the following situations:

  • The landlord should pay for the locksmith services if the lock stopped working on account of being old and weary
  • The landlord should pay for rekeying the locks when an old tenant moves out and a new one is moving in
  • If the landlord is making changes to the property and is upgrading the locks, it is their responsibility to pay for the locksmith

A tenant should pay for the locksmith if:

  • They request the locks to be changed
  • They or their guests cause damage to the lock
  • They lost their keys and new a new set

It is best if the details about who pays for what is included in the rental agreement before the tenant moves in. In this way, all confusion is avoided and neither party feels as if damage has been done to them.

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